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patch fitting glass door dimensions

patch fitting glass door dimensions

patch fitting glass door dimensions. Quality Stainless Steel Door Clamp (patch Fitting, Glass Door Lock Clamp) images of Door width 700-1100mmDoor Weight 35-65kgMaterial High quality  Tempered glass doors without stiles and having a bottom rail or shoe with Prior to the 2003 edition of A117.1, the required dimension was 12 . Or can you use patch fittings that are not continuous across the entire door AND PATCH FITTINGS. DL 300. Top patch to suit highlite. (above door) complete with mounting flange plate. • With pivot (DL30003-1). • Actual size 164mm x  Mid-Size Patch Fittings for 3/8 Glass European. Offset Bottom Door Patch. Offset Sidelite Mounted Transom Patch. Offset Top Door Patch. Patch Fitting  Known for its impeccable strength, durability and dimensional accuracy, the offered range of Glass Door Patch Fittings is known to be amongst the finest options  Maximum door weight 100 kg. Ø 55mm Bottom patch fitting German insert Cilindric wall to glass patch for transom or fixed panel height 35mm. C528B.

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